E-Mail Auction List

     I have been busy buying multiple collections and estates over the last few weeks.  Plus I have another one coming on Monday morning and a second one on Wednesday morning.  Therefore, I have not had the time to even start selecting coins for the auction, much less typing up the list.  Additionally, I have surgery scheduled for the second week of June and will be unable to function normally for a couple of weeks (which means I will get further behind).  So I will need to cancel the May auction and hope that I can get caught up in time for the September auction.


     Please note that my coins@skybeam.com email address is no longer working.  Also, I am posting this note here as sending emails to multiple recipients is not working as intended (after the first message went out, my emails were blocked).


     In the interim, I will be putting a link on my website with new purchases with plans to update it at least once a week (except when I have a coin show scheduled that week).  The first list should be posted by this Saturday, and there will be many items listed that will look similar to what you see on the Rolls, Sets, Supplies and Multiple Items List of previous auctions.  And beginning on Saturday, any purchases made by cash, check or money order will receive a 2% discount (except for gold) as the PayPal fees keep going up and Id rather give you all the discount instead of giving money to PayPal whenever possible.  PayPal will continue to be accepted until my local bank gets one of the free digital payment options (such as Zelle).


     Let me know of any questions, and thanks for your understanding.


     Don Hartlaub

     Falcon Coins


     The new auction by e-mail list will be posted here on Monday evening, September 2, 2024.  Please check back then.

Upcoming Auction Schedule (Starting Dates)

2 September 2024

Terms of sale:

1)  Maximum shipping in the U.S. will not exceed $8.00, even if multiple lots are won.  International shipping may be more.
2)  5 day return privilege on all coins for any reason.
3)  Grading is by ANA standards for U.S., Charlton standards for Canadian.
4)  Payment on winning bids is expected within 10 calendar days of notification.  Those who win lots and do not pay for them are not allowed to bid in future auctions.
5)  Payment can be made by check or money order (payable to Falcon Coins) or by PayPal (no PayPal on gold).
6)  Colorado residents will need to add the proper sales tax to the total (for non-coin items only).

Don Hartlaub
Falcon Coins
11605 Meridian Market View #124-324
Falcon, CO  80831

(719) 495-9354

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