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(Last Update - 13 April 2022)

Who is Falcon Coins?

Falcon Coins is a home-based small business founded in 1994 dealing with U.S. coins, Canadian coins and coin supplies.  Don Hartlaub is the owner and numismatist with over 50 years of collecting experience.

How can I be sure that buying from you is safe?

You should always try to verify and/or check out whom you are buying from if you do not know them, especially in these days of commonplace internet fraud.  Here are some ways to check up on me:

1)  You can verify through the ANA (1-800-367-9723; ANA Life Member #6297) that I am a member in good standing;
2)  You can contact the Better Business Bureau for a report on Falcon Coins;
3)  You can do a search on "Falcon Coins" and check out some of the "Good Dealer" lists that I show up on;
4)  You can ask for dealer and/or customer references;
5)  You can call (719-495-9354) and talk with me in person (Calls only; no text messages).

Do you ship to all foreign countries?

I can ship to most foreign countries that do not have restrictions on importing coins and/or bullion.  The shipping cost will be based on the actual estimated shipping/insurance cost plus a small amount for packaging material.  Payment can be by international money order or PayPal if you are verified and will pay the additional 1.5% fee for international transfers.  The U.S. Postal Service's Web Site ( lists many of the restrictions and shipping options for foreign countries, but sometimes their own Web Site is not accurate (as I have found out on several occasions over the years).  If you have further questions, please inquire.

Why don't you accept credit cards?

I used to accept Discover Card as they had reasonable merchant fees.  After they began losing my submittals and then charging me to resubmit them (since they were considered "late"), I decided that it wasn't worth the hassle anymore.  Fees to accept MasterCard and Visa are just too high to make it worthwhile.  I can accept credit cards through PayPal, however.  The only exception is gold bullion, which has such a small profit margin that I would lose money on every transaction if I accepted PayPal for gold bullion purchases.

Why are many of your categories out of date?

To be honest, with the coin shows and the auctions I just cannot keep up with all the business!  I always answer inquiries, though, and I try to get a couple of categories updated every week (except when I have a coin show to attend or an auction ongoing).  I no longer have a day job, so it has improved!

How do I make a bid on an item listed your auction list?

The procedure is as follows:
1.  If you aren't on the auction e-mail list, register for the auction by sending an e-mail to Falcon Coins or by using the "Contact Falcon Coins" link below.  (If using Outlook or Outlook Express, click on the link "Falcon Coins".  If using another e-mail program, right click on "Falcon Coins", select "Hyperlink Properties" and use the e-mail address shown on the pop-up.)  Please include your name, your preference for bidder initials (3 letters) and your mailing address.  Also indicate if you would like to be notified just when the auction is beginning or if you prefer to receive daily updates by e-mail.
2.  When an auction is ongoing, the opening bid amount is indicated by "OPEN".  You can bid the opening bid amount on any item marked "OPEN" or bid the next bid increment or higher (see the auction list for the bid increments) if the lot already has a bid on it.  For example, if bidder ABC has bid $5.00 on Lot #1, you would have to bid $5.50 or higher on the lot.
3.  To make bids, send an e-mail to Falcon Coins with the lot number and bid amount.  For example, to bid $5.50 on Lot #1 you would simply include something such as "Lot #1 - Bid $5.50" in your e-mail.
4.  All bids work as proxy bids.  In other words, if you bid $7.00 on Lot #1, then your bid would start at $5.50 and it would automatically increase if someone else bid on the lot.  For example, if bidder ABC bid $6.00, then your bid would automatically increment to $6.50.  You would only be outbid if someone bid $7.50 or higher.
5.  Open-ended bids are not accepted.  In other words, don't say that you want to bid higher than anyone else on a lot - bid an actual amount.  After all, what would I do if two different people asked to bid higher than anyone else on the same lot?
6.  All auctions end at 9:30 PM Mountain Time on Saturday evening.  You will receive an invoice by e-mail on Sunday evening.
7.  See the auction list for other important details about the auction.  And you can always e-mail or call if you have any questions.

Falcon Coins
11605 Meridian Market View #124-324
Falcon, CO  80831
(719) 495-9354 (Calls only; no text messages)

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Owner: Don Hartlaub, ANA LM #6297

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